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Why I Started Life Insurance Strategies Group

I formed Life Insurance Strategies Group to lend my experience as a life insurance company executive, a life insurance producer, a life insurance client adviser and life insurance client to offer unbiased and pragmatic advice to enhance and simplify the distribution, sale and purchase of life insurance.

Life insurance is a powerful and flexible tool which can be used to defer, reduce or eliminate taxes and to manage and pass along wealth for individuals. It can also be used to protect a business and to help it grow. Hand-in-hand with a large universe of applications, comes an equally large universe of complexities for all the parties involved in a life insurance transaction – the manufacturer, distributor, advisor and client.

What are the products needed by clients? How can those products best reach the clients? Who can educate, validate and explain the products and appropriate structures to the advisors and clients?

At Life Insurance Strategies Group, we do not sell products and only offer independent advisory services. I felt this was a key component in being able to serve our clients. Instead of being limited by the products one life insurance company sells or limited because of the federal and state licenses someone holds (or doesn’t hold), I wanted to be able to speak to our clients without the unspoken question that a pre-determined path was already set.

Just like anyone, at various stages in my professional and personal lives, I have needed and have benefited from the advice of others. I see this need in the life insurance industry every day and understand the difficulty in knowing where to go for help.

Whether it is the individual client seeking validation concerning a proposed purchase of life insurance, an attorney seeking education on products and structures, a life insurance producer needing advanced markets support on complex applications or a domestic or offshore insurance company needing distribution strategy and formation support, our team can find a solution.

Since its inception, Life Insurance Strategies Group has solely focused on the individual high net worth life insurance market. We do not sell products. This allows us to offer unbiased, pragmatic advice. Visit us at

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