For Life Insurance Producers

We work with both professional life insurance producers and producer groups to help them overcome complexity and make them more efficient and profitable. Services we offer include:

  • Advanced markets expertise addressing estate and wealth planning, executive benefits, charitable planning, non-U.S. and U.S-nexus matters and private placements.

  • Independent, third-party validation to prospective clients, client advisors and referral sources.

  • Supplementing advanced markets services, including ghost writing articles, creating marketing materials and speaking on behalf of the individual firm or producer group.

  • Creation of educational programs targeting referral sources.

  • Developing and assisting in implementing succession plans for producer firms.

For Life Insurance Companies

For life insurance companies, we offer domestic and foreign distribution strategy support.  This includes foreign national programs, private placement life insurance expertise and digital strategy. We possess extensive offshore distribution experience involving regulatory and formation projects.

For Client Advisors

When advisors work with clients who may require a life insurance solution, we offer independent and unbiased life insurance advice including:

  • Identifying whether a life insurance solution exists for a particular client need;

  • Reviewing any proposed or existing life insurance solutions;

  • Facilitating the implementation or modification of a solution, including resourcing potential life insurance products; and

  • Referring appropriate professional life insurance producers.

We also create and lead life insurance education programs for advisors and their employees and serve as a general resource for life insurance related questions.​

For Prospective Life Insurance Clients

For HNW individuals looking for life insurance solutions for their planning needs, we cut through the noise and help determine the best fit for the client.  We offer independent and unbiased validation of any proposed life insurance solution as well as evaluation of existing life insurance arrangements.  Where necessary, we can help identify a life insurance solution and even make recommendations to other appropriate planning partners. 

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